Can Dogs Eat Tortillas

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas

To answer this question no, dogs should not eat tortillas as they are very high in salt content and do not have any nutritional value for dogs. In addition salty foods can actually be toxic for dogs and cats as well and should be fully avoided in their diet.

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Dogs have very particular dietary needs and therefore it is always important to know what is good and bad to feed to your dog.

It is good to give your dog a well balanced diet but is including bread-like food such as tortillas a good idea? Can dogs eat tortillas?

Even though bread may be a large part of dog food items it doesn’t answer the question if dogs can in particular eat tortillas.

Tortillas – Can Your Dog Eat Them?

Tortillas may be a large part of your diet that you enjoy and therefore if you want to share if with your dog you first need to know more about tortillas.

These wraps are included in a lot of dishes and if you were to put some in your dogs bowl we are sure that he or she would eat them up quickly.

However is this a good idea to be including tortillas in your dogs diet?

There are many foods that us as humans can enjoy on a regular basis that our dogs cannot enjoy the same way because our digestive systems are different.

A dogs diet should consist of mostly protein which can be found in meats. It is not advisable for the most part to be providing your dog with processed foods.

It is known that in small amounts most things are not bad for your health and the same can be said for your dog and tortillas. However there may be longer term affects on your dogs health if you continually feed it to them.

You may find yourself in a habit to be feeding your dogs tortillas on a daily basis which could be bad for their health.

Can Tortillas Harm Your Dogs Health?

The main issue with tortilla chips is that the quantity of salt in them in high.

Consuming a lot of salty foods can be detrimental to your health and also your dogs health. Canines cannot endure eating a lot of salt.

It is actually possible that feeding salty items to your dogs or cats can be toxic.

The negative effects of salty foods such as tortillas on your dog can be extreme thirst along with more urination.

Therefore should you be feeding tortillas to your dog or is it safe? No.

There is too much risk involved with feeding this food to your doggie and therefore isn’t worth the risk. Avoiding this food will help your dogs health in the long run.

Another negative effect of tortillas for your dog is the excessive calories they do not need.

If your dog is to consume a few chips it may not lead to harm but it isn’t good for your pup.

Different Kinds Of Tortillas

The two kinds are corn and grain.

To be safe you should avoid feeding both kinds to your dog.

The issue with the grain version is that your dogs body is not able to assimilate all the grains in their body.

Additionally the dogs digestive system has troubles with digesting grains and wheat.

As well your dog may be allergic to gluten which is another reason to avoid feeding tortillas to your dog.

And then as for the corn version it is a food your dog can digest better but your pup may still have a sensitive stomach to corn and should be avoided.

In order to keep your pup in the best health it is important to avoid tortillas all together.


Can dogs eat tortillas? No.

Do not feed them to your dog as they are not good for their health because of the excessive salt, the issues with digestion and possibly allergic reactions.