Can Dogs Eat Tums?

Can Dogs Eat Tums?

Tums is a chalky over the counter antacid product that provides relief for humans who experience upset stomachs.

However as a dog owner you may wonder to yourself if it is safe to give tums to your dog in order to help their stomach pains as well.

Let’s look a bit more into this and provide an accurate answer on what you can do if your dog experience tummy issues.

Can Dogs Eat Tums?

Yes, but it is not recommended as there are many better alternatives out there.

The best option for your dog who is experience stomach pains is to let it resolve itself and pass without giving anything to your dog. This often happens and you aren’t required to provide them with any relief.

However if the discomfort lingers and will not go away another option is to try an all-natural pet-relief product. The reason this is better is because it will not cause any negative side effects for your dog.

If you still want to give tums to your dog you can but only a very low dose based on their weight. It can help give them some relief for stomach pains but as mentioned above isn’t the best option as it can have negative side effects.

Even 1 tab for smaller breeds of dogs is too much for them so you need to be very careful to give them a dose based on their body weight.

As well you should never give tums to your dog as a calcium supplement. ┬áIt can cause negative side effects for your dog and isn’t worth it.


Yes dogs can eat tums but it isn’t recommended as there are way better options out there.

However if you do only give small doses and based on body weight.

Also never give tums as a supplement to your dog.