Can Dogs Eat Twizzlers

Can Dogs Eat Twizzlers

No – it is not recommended at all for your dog to eat Twizzlers as this candy contains a lot of sugar and preservatives which are bad for your dogs health. If your dog was to eat Twizzlers on a regular basis it could lead to dental issues, diabetes, and obesity. Therefore it is best your dog avoids eating this candy altogether.

More Details

Twizzler is a licorice candy that is chewy and sugary.  Twizzlers come in a variety of flavors but the most popular one is strawberry. It also comes in grape, chocolate, cherry and watermelon.

Kids love to eat them every chance they get and dogs are the same way. They love trying new foods especially sugary ones.

However just because your dog may want to eat Twizzlers doesn’t mean this candy is good for them. As mentioned above it is actually bad for their health and should be fully avoided.

There are many health concerns that come along with your dog ingesting this candy and it is best to not have your dog experience these health issues.

On ingredient in this candy called Xylitol which is a sugar alcohol can be very toxic for dogs. It can health issues such as liver failure, seizures, blood sugar drops and even death!

Therefore it is very important you do not let your dog eat this candy especially in high quantities.

If you suspect that your dog has eaten a lot of this candy it is best to contain a vet right away or Pet Poison Control (1-888-426-4435) for help right away.


In conclusion dogs cannot eat Twizzlers at all and they should be completely avoided from their diet as it can cause a wide range of health issues.