Can Dogs Eat Xanax

Can Dogs Eat Xanax

Xanax is a medication that is designed for humans who have anxiety or insomnia (trouble sleeping).

As a owner of a dog you may wonder to yourself can dogs eat Xanax as well if they have these same symptoms to help them with stress in their life and to sleep at night.

There are also some pet owners who actually do give Xanax to their dog but doing so is very questionable and can be very risky for your dogs health.

As mentioned above Xanax is a drug that is made for humans and not dogs and therefore dosage can be very difficult and giving the wrong amount to be bad for a dogs health and even fatal.

Therefore if you have any more questions about this it is best to talk with a vet. However it has been known that some vets actually prescribe this medication in smaller doses based on a dogs size.

However a way better alternative is canine formulated chewables that are designed to calm your dog down.

So Can Dogs Eat Xanax?

No! Do not give this medication to your dog even if some vets prescribe it. There are risks involved with this drug and its best to be avoided all together.

Xanax is an extremely powerful drug and therefore it is best to not give it to your dog all together.

However if you are confident that your vet has prescribed the right dose for your dog and he or she knows what they are talking about it can be safe in some instances.

Xanax Side Effects On Dogs

If you feel comfortable giving the prescribed amount to your dog that your vet prescribed you should be warned that there can be side effects even if given the right dose.

Some of the side effects include aggressive behavior, shallow breathing, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness and poor balance.

Xanax Poisoning Plan

If you think your dog has had a very negative reaction to the medication take your dog to the vet immediately!

Unfortunately this medication is absorbed very quickly into your dogs system and sometimes it can even be too late if you go to the vet right away. But better to go to the vet then not.

Therefore it is important to realize the risks ahead of time before considering giving this medication to your dog as it could be fatal or have a serious negative impact on their health.

Natural Solution

A possible better natural solution is Melatonin.

Some dog owners have said that this supplement has worked well with their dogs and is a safe alternative to xanax.


Do not give Xanax to your dog. It is a risky medication to give to your dog as its designed for humans and absorbed quickly into the dogs system.

There are better alternatives for dogs that are designed for them.

So avoid giving this drug to your dog.