Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food?

Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food?

As a pet owner is it common to sometimes own both a cat and a ferret.

They are both great pets to have and they have similar diets in that they are both carnivores.

Both ferrets and cats require a specific set of nutritional requirements to stay healthy and don’t fully digest the nutrients of plants.

Another thing both animals require is high animal protein and low fiber and carbohydrates.

So can ferrets eat cat food?

Yes, they can eat cat food but ideally it shouldn’t be the main staple of their diet.

If its a once off situation if you run out of normal ferret food then you can use high quality cat food as both animals require similar nutrients.

However if you are unsure if a certain cat food is safe for your ferret it is best to check with your local pet shop or veterinarian to confirm.

If you were to give the wrong cat food or too much of it to your ferret it could possibly make them ill or even worse cause death.

Be careful what you feed your ferret.