Can Ferrets Eat Doritos?

Can Ferrets Eat Doritos?

No, overall it is a bad idea to feed your ferret Doritos of any kind. This includes any flavors or even the plain variety of Doritos.

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You may be thinking to yourself that a little treat or snack for your ferret is fine but you really shouldn’t be feeding this snack to your ferret let alone yourself.

There are a variety of ingredients in Doritos that can be very bad for your ferret which include the salt and spice content.

These ingredients can make your ferret sick and have digestive issues. Can possibly cause them to throw up as well.

If your ferret was to eat some Doritos by accident it is important to monitor their behavior and bowel movements after to make sure they are normal.

If you suspect that they are having issues it may be best to take your ferret to the vet to get checked up to make sure they are feeling okay and are healthy.

You don’t want to have your pet ferret be sick.


No, Doritos are a bad option for your pet ferret and you should avoid feeding this treat to your pet. Additionally do not leave Doritos in a spot where your ferret could get access to them and sneak a few chips.