Can Ferrets Eat Turkey

Can Ferrets Eat Turkey

Yes – ferrets can eat uncooked turkey as part of their diet. Additionally they can also eat turkey hearts, gizzards and livers.

Organs for the most part are even healthier than meat for ferrets to eat and the turkey’s organs are no exception. They are great for ferrets to eat as well.

The important thing to remember is that you can never feed greens, sugars or grains to ferrets.

Ferrets are carnivores and need a diet that consists of foods that are high in protein and fats. This does include turkey and game hen.

Can Ferrets Eat Deli Turkey Meat?

As long as the meats are unseasoned you can give a little bit of turkey meat from the deli as a treat but nothing more.

The reason being is that these processed meats are salty and cooked and aren’t ideal for a ferrets diet. Therefore they can only be a rare treat.

Ideally however you should be feeding raw turkey to your ferret and the organs to keep them healthy and happy.