Can Gerbils Eat Cake?

Can Gerbils Eat Cake?

Normally a baked sweet dessert is what cake is.

It comes in many different shapes, sizes, toppings and flavors. There are simple cakes and there are very decorative and fancy cakes.

Cake is a dessert that is similar to pies, meringues, pastries and custards.

The usually ingredients in a cake include: eggs, sugar, flour, butter, oil, a liquid and baking powder or baking soda.

Addition ingredients which are popular to put into cakes include dried or fresh fruits, vanilla extracts and cocoa.

So can gerbils eat cake at all?

No, you cannot feed cake at all to a gerbil as there too much sugar in cake and no positive nutritional value for a gerbil.

Foods that contain a lot of sugar can potentially hurt a gerbil and are not a good idea.

It is possible for a gerbil to eat a nibble and not be super sick but it is best to avoid giving cake at all to a gerbil.