Can Gerbils Eat Cuttlefish?

Can Gerbils Eat Cuttlefish?

Cuttlefish belong to the same family as octopodes, squid, and nauiluses.

This fish is very unique in that is actually has an internal shell that is called a cuttlebone. They range in size from 15 – 25 cm.

However the largest species of cuttlefish found was roughly in the 50 cm range.

This fish feeds on each other, fish, shrimp, seals, seabirds and small molluscs.

So can gerbils eat cuttlefish?

Yes, they can eat the cuttlebone of the cuttlefish. It is important to only feed them the bone of the fish.

The cuttlebone is rich in calcium which is great for gerbils.

The bone is also given to snails, reptiles, chinchillas, birds, hermit crabs because they are rich in calcium.