Can Guinea Pigs Eat Basil

It is important to always be feeding quality food to your pet guinea pigs in order to keep them healthy at happy. A good variety of food will also keep them happy as it will not let them get bored of their food.

Their regular diet should consist of some fruits, vegetables, fresh grass/hay and fresh water.

But the question is can guinea pigs eat basil?

Is this vegetable safe to be feeding to your guinea pig and will it have any negative side effects?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Basil

In order to find out more about basil and if you can feed it to your piggy please read on.

Details About Basil

Basil (latian – Oscimum Basilicum) is a herb that is often used in Asian cuisine and in the Mediterranean.

Basil is part of the Lamiaceae family is is known as a royal herb. It is popular because of its aroma and strong sweet flavor.

The most common types of basil are Greek basil with smaller peppery leaves, purple basil with darker leaves and Mediterranean basil with large green leaves.

In addition there is the holy basil which has intense spicy flavor and the citrus flavor basil.

Basil is usually an ingredient you add to dishes at the last moment before the dish is ready.

Now lets answer the question to if you should be feeding basil to your guinea pig.

Is Basil Safe For Guinea Pigs To Eat?

The good news about basil is that it is not toxic for your guinea pig and is safe to feed to them in moderation.

You can feed basil to your guinea pig but need to make sure you don’t feed it to them too often.

Before you feed basil to your guinea pig you should know about the nutritional values that basil contains.

Basil contains high amounts of phosphorus and calcium which are not generally good for your guinea pig to digestive.

However on the other hand basil does not contain any sugar or oxalates which is good for your guinea pig.

Basil has a hint of fat and is also rich in Vitamin C which is important for your guinea pig to eat as they need the vitamin on a regular basis.

How Much Basil Is Safe?

As mentioned above it is important to only feed basil to your guinea pig in moderation as too much is not good for their health.

Basil contains phosphorus and high calcium content which is not good for your piggy.

At most you should only be giving your guinea pig a small portion once or twice a week.

If you were to give your guinea pig larger amounts of basil it may cause some side effects such as bloating, vomiting and diarrhea.


Can guinea pigs eat basil? Yes, but only in moderation.

If you feed too much to your guinea pig it can cause negative side effects.

It is important to be a responsible pet owner and only give your guinea pig small amounts of basil once in awhile in order to keep them healthy.