Can Guinea Pigs Eat Butter

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Butter

Butter is a dairy product that is made up of up to 80% butterfat and then chilled into to form a solid block that can be later spread on food such as toast. If warmed up it will turn back into a liquid.

Butter if often used for baking and as mentioned above great on breakfast foods such as muffins, toast and bagels.

The usual kind of butter is made from cows milk but it can also by made from other mammals such as goats and sheep.

So can guinea pigs eat butter at all?

No, they cannot eat butter at all because it is a dairy product and guinea pigs cannot have any dairy products.

In addition to this there is a lot of fat in butter which wouldn’t be good for a guinea pigs health. Also there is no nutritional value in butter for a guinea pig and therefore it is best to be avoided.

There are many other foods that are better for a guinea pig to eat that this food is completely unnecessary for their diet.