Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

Celery is a delicious vegetable that a lot of people enjoy eating. But the question is – Can guinea pigs eat celery?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery

Before we go into the full details of the answer the short answer is YES you can feed your guinea pig celery.

You will want to make sure you follow these considerations below before you feed celery to your guinea pig.


  1. Celery is high in water content and therefore can cause mouth sores or diarrhea for your guinea pig. Therefore only give your guinea pig celery in moderation
  2. The strings that come off celery stock can get stuck in your guinea pigs intestines, throat and teeth so be careful how much you give to your guinea pig
  3. It may be a good practice to try and peel off all the strings from the celery before feeding it to your guinea pig
  4. Cutting up the celery into half inch cubes can help your guinea pig digest the celery a bit more easily
  5. If your guinea pig does not take to celery don’t force feed it to your guinea pig or worry about it too much as there are many other vegetables you can feed your guinea pig
  6. Another option is to feed your guinea pig the leafs from the celery stock. They are perfectly fine for guinea pigs as well
  7. Mix in other vegetables with the celery in order to keep your guinea pig interested in the food and not bored of eating the same food each meal
  8. Celery should be considered a treat for your guinea pig and shouldn’t be fed to often to them. Staples should be timothy hay, fresh water and vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets
  9. Only give to you guinea pig a few times a week at most. A well balanced diet is better for your guinea pig
  10. Cutting the celery into stick in order to avoid stringy bits would be helpful for you guinea pig in order to eat the celery without having strings get stuck in their throat


Can guinea pigs eat celery? YES!