Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cloudberries?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cloudberries?

What is  a Cloudberry?

A cloudberry is a juicy and soft fresh fruit that is golden-yellow in color.

The taste of this fruit is a distinct tart flavor and this fruit is often made into tarts, jellies, liqueurs and juices.

Before we can find out if this fruit is right for your guinea pig we should look a bit more at the nutritional facts about this fruit.

Calorie Information
Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV
Calories51.0(214 kJ). 3%
Total Carbohydrate. 8.6g. 3%
Total Fat. 0.8g. 1%
Protein. 2.4g. 5%
Vitamin A210IU. 4%
Vitamin C. 158mg. 263%
Thiamin. 0.1mg. 3%
Riboflavin. 0.1mg. 4%
Niacin. 0.9mg. 4%
Calcium. 18.0mg. 2%
Iron. 0.7mg. 4%
Phosphorus. 35.0mg. 4%

Based on this information above cloudberries are fantastic for your guinea pigs to eat.

They only have a hint of fat, are a little acidic and have tons of Vitamin C which is great for guinea pigs.

Vitamin C is very important for guinea pigs as they cannot produce this vitamin on their own.

Therefore to answer the question Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cloudberries – yes!

Enjoy feeding this delicious fresh fruit to your piggies.