Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers

Guinea pigs love being spoiled and most pet owners enjoy spoiling them. You may have asked yourself as a pet owner if guinea pigs can eat cucumbers as a treat?

And the answer to that query would be Yes. There is no reason you should not incorporate cucumbers in to their diet. There are particular aspects you ought to be aware of before cucumbers are given to your cavies though.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat this veggie.

Given its fine and watery content, cucumber is highly recommended particularly during hot, summer days. This treat can be refreshing and appealing. Cucumbers should only be an occasional treat but it will keep your guinea pig hydrated.

You can be feeding them cucumbers up to four times per week with a couple of pieces of cucumbers. Do not exceed this limit as it could lead to nausea and diarrhea.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat the Skin of the Cucumber?

The solution is dependent on a few variables. If the cucumber skin hasn’t been waxed, then you certainly do not need to peel it off, since they’re perfectly safe for the guinea pig.

Because they contain additives waxed cucumber peels shouldn’t be given to a pet. Our suggestion would be to only give your pet cucumbers without pesticides or wax on them. If there is anything on the skin of the cucumber that would be bad for their health you need to avoid feeding this to your piggy.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat the Seeds of Cucumbers?

Yes, your cavy can consume the seeds.

Given the reality that the seeds of this cucumber are soft and moist, there is no problem if your guinea pig eats them. There is no chance of a hazard, unlike other fruit and veggie seeds that you may need to be concerned with.

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Cucumber Juice?

No, your cavy should not drink this vegetable juice.

While cucumber is an approved and safe food, cucumber juice is off limits for guinea pigs. Their tummies will be harmed and induce moderate to severe digestive issues.

Steer clear of providing your own pig with cucumber juice.

Shortcomings Of Cucumbers For Guinea Pigs

No matter how much Vitamin C and A cucumbers contain you should only feed portions of this veggie as a treat to your pet as it may cause indigestion.

You also ought to understand that a sizable significance of nutritional value is also not present in cucumbers and won’t really benefit your guinea pigs health. The quantities of vitamin A and vitamin C that are essential for the correct performance of your pet’s body, aren’t notable, in comparison to other veggies like celery or green lettuce.

Given that cucumbers have high amounts of water feeding cucumbers on a regular basis to your guinea pig can cause gas, bloating or diarrhea. You ought to be aware that your guinea pig’s digestive tract is sensitive and generally any treat should be given in moderation otherwise it could cause health issues for your pet.

Cucumbers are approved as intermittent, yummy treats for spoiling your buddy when you’re feeling like it. Under no circumstances should this particular food replace hay or guinea pig pellets as their main source of food. Veggies are treats which help your pet get some nutritional elements in their diet.

Prep Work For Cucumbers Before Feeding

As I already mentioned, you need to ensure that the cucumbers purchased are pesticide-free. It is suggested to buy fruits and vegetables that are organic. Be certain that you wash them before feeding this veggie to your piggy. Foods which are treated with pesticides could be very harmful on many levels and must be avoided.

You could peel the skin off if you would like to be cautious. But, most of the vitamins are contained within the skin of the veggie and guinea pigs might prefer the skin.

Chop cucumber before feeding to your guinea pig. Make sure to avoid any choking hazards by keeping the pieces small. There is a suggested amount of roughly a few pieces 2 – 4 times each week. You shouldn’t offer over four times every week.


Your pal will love being spoiled with cucumber treats. The vast majority of guinea pig owners also have discovered that cucumbers are one of their favourite snacks.

If you want to treat your guinea pig you cannot go wrong with a nice small piece of watery cucumber! Remember to feed them cucumber in moderation as anything more can cause digestive issues.

Your little pet may wind up suffering from nausea and indigestion if overfeed.

Additionally observe your pets when introducing new foods to their diet. Start out with little quantities. You may carry on feeding your pets cucumbers should you not find any unusual behaviour. Look after your friend and hopefully this answers your question.