Can Guinea Pigs Eat Doritos?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Doritos?

Doritos are a popular taco chip that come in a variety of flavors such as: lime, Jalapeno fire, bbq rib, lightly salted, heatwave and more.

This snack food is usually considered pretty unhealthy for humans as it has a lot of salt and other preservatives in them.

However the question is can guinea pigs eat doritos?

The quick answer isĀ No.

You should not share any of your doritos with your guinea pig as there is an extremely large amount of salt in this snack and it is bad for them.

It is possible for a guinea pig to nibble on them a little to get a taste but nothing more than that and you should not be giving this food to them on a regular basis.

They definitely should not be eating any dips either that people use for chips.