Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass All Day?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass All Day?

One thing that Guinea pigs absolutely love to eat and that is grass! It is one of their most favorite foods and they have a great appetite for it.

If a guinea pig was to see grass they would devour it right away without any hesitation at all.

So can guinea pigs eat grass all day?

If the grass is dry it is much better for their stomach’s and it will actually help to settle the stomach.

However if a guinea pig was to eat fresh grass all day it would unsettle their stomachs and give them unpleasant poops.

Therefore NO guinea pigs cannot eat fresh dry grass all day.

It would be much better for them to have a few handfuls of grass everyday or graze on fresh grass for a specific allotted amount of time.

Just to be clear fresh grass isn’t bad for them but just too much of anything is a bad thing. Just like if humans were to eat too much rich food we would eventually get sick. Same thing happens with a guinea pig and eating grass all day.