Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Olives?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Olives?

From ancient times olives have been cultivated and grown all through the Mediterranean.

The main colors of olives are green and black and a range of colors in between. The main difference is how ripe the olives are.

Green olives are usually harvested between October and November and are quite immature olives.

If they grew longer they would usually turn into ripe black olives.

So can guinea pigs eat green olives at all?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat green olives as they are high in sodium and water content which is not good for guinea pigs.

In addition they are a little bit acidic and have a high fat content.

It is possible for a guinea pig to eat a very small amount of olives by accident and be fine but it isn’t ideal to feed olives to guinea’s.

This includes not feeding them black olives.