Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kale

Guinea pigs are usually well-mannered and lovable pets.  In order to keep  your pet healthy and happy you need to feed them the right diet.

In order to feed them the right diet though you need to know what is okay to feed them and what is bad for their health. And one of those questions about their diet should be – can guinea pigs eat kale?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kale

A well balanced diet for a guinea pig includes fresh water, hay, pellets, and some fruits and vegetables.

Finding out what fruits and vegetables are good for your guinea pig is key.

Some veggies and fruits can be toxic to your piggy and therefore you need to know what you can and cannot feed them.

Kale is one of those vegetables that cavy owners sometimes have differing opinions and questions regarding feeding it to their piggy.

If you were to ask an expert of most piggy owners they will say that you can give kale to your guinea pig as long as its within moderation and only occasionally.

The best option for your cavy is to only give kale to them in the right amount and not often.

Kale is a nutritious and healthy vegetable and there is no reason why you cannot give a bit of this veggie to your pet.

As mentioned a few times though the key to feeding kale to your guinea pig is moderation as giving them too much  can cause health issues.

Kale: Vitamins & Nutrients

The most important vitamin in kale is Vitamin C which your guinea pig requires as it cannot produce it on its own.

Normally as a pet owner is important to find foods that provide your pet with nutrients and/or vitamins and for that reason kale is good.

If there is no nutritional value in the food there is no reason to be feeding it to your pet. If that is the case then the food is just a chewing substance.

Note that a guinea pig can never only survive on only one single kind of food and a variety is important.

Even if that food has nutritional value a variety of kinds of food is required for your guinea pig to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

One downside of this veggie is that it contains phosphorus and calcium along with oxalate which is not good for your guinea pig.

Therefore this is another reason why you don’t want to feed kale often to your piggy.

Do not give kale everyday to your guinea pig.

Cooked Or Raw Kale?

Most people like to eat kale cooked with salts and other spices on it.

However this way of preparing kale for your guinea pig would be wrong because the salts and spices are not good for your guinea pig.

Additionally cooked kale is not recommended for your piggy as it causes digestion issues for your piggy.

Therefore the best option for your guinea pig is raw kale to maintain a healthy diet.

Is is also important to make sure you rinse the kale before giving it to your guinea pig as it may have pesticides or diet on the veggie.

By washing the vegetable off with water you decrease that risk.


Can guinea pigs eat kale? Yes, but only in moderation.

Too much kale can cause health issues for your guinea pig.

Remember to wash the kale first before serving it to your guinea pig and make sure its raw as its better for their health.