Can Guinea Pigs Eat Marrow?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Marrow?

A marrow is part of the vegetable family that also includes cucumber, squash, melon and zucchini.

Marrow is also known as a cucurbit. What it is is a zucchini that has been left to grow on the plant a lot longer than a regular zucchini.

It has a mild flavor and has edible seeds. It has creamy fresh skin.

Ways marrow can be prepared:

  • fried
  • steamed
  • boiled
  • roasted
  • baked

Around the world it is enjoyed with a wide variety of culinary dishes.

The British English name is Marrow but most of the other parts around the world it is known as a summer squash.

So Can Guinea Pigs Eat Marrow?

Let’s first look at the nutritional facts of marrow before we know if its safe for guinea pigs to eat.

It’s main contents include:

  • sugar
  • acid
  • fat
  • calcium
  • phosphorus content

As a bonus it also has a good amount of Vitamin A and C.

Therefore the answer to the question is yes guinea pigs can eat marrow but once once or twice a week and only in small pieces.

It is a good edition to their diet because of the added vitamin c to their diet but too much isn’t good because of its sugar content.

As well the skin or the rind is edible and therefore guinea pigs can eat that as well. However it is important to remove the seeds so that they do not choke on them.