Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mouse Food?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mouse Food?

One thing that is common between a guinea pig and a mouse is that owners often own both pets as they can both be easily taken care of in a household in a cage.

And one thing that often happens is that those cages for those pets are in close proximity of each other so they can easily be taken of. So this leads to the question.

Can guinea pigs eat mouse food at all?

No, a guinea pig should never eat mouse food and for a few good reasons:

  1. Mice are omnivorous which means they eat both plants and meat, while guinea pigs are herbivores which means they only eat plants. Therefore they have completely different diets that they need to stay healthy
  2. Another reason is that mice food often contains animal facts and other types of animal products in it which are really bad for guinea pigs
  3. Mouse food may not contain the required vitamin C that guinea pigs need as their bodies do not produce it naturally

One of the main reasons some foods are good for guinea pigs is because of the fact that they contain vitamin C which is really important to their diet.  Food such as pellets with Vitamin C are great for them.

Therefore it is important for mice to stick with mice food and guinea pigs to stick with guinea pig food.

It’s understandable to want convenience and to safe money by buying one type of pet food but in the long run it isn’t good for your pets health.