Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mushrooms

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mushrooms

Yes, guinea pigs can eat mushrooms but it is really important to know what type of mushrooms they can eat as some mushrooms they cannot eat and others they can eat.

Note – if you are unsure of what type of mushrooms you have or what types of mushrooms your guinea pig can have it is best to first consult with your vet or a local pet shop employee to find out what mushrooms your guinea pigs can have before giving any to them.

If you are still unsure just avoid the whole situation by not feeding any mushrooms at all to your guinea pig.

Some things to note about mushrooms is that they are not a great source of Vitamin C which isn’t a great start for this food for guinea pigs as they need Vitamin C in their diet.

However on the other hand the good thing about mushrooms is that they contain minimal fat which is good.

Here is a list of a few types of mushrooms that guinea pigs can and cannot eat. Note this list is not full and if you are unsure avoid feeding mushrooms altogether to your guinea pig.

  • Wild Mushrooms – no you cannot feed these to your guinea pigs at all. They can be poisonous and very dangerous and have to be fully avoided.
  • Button Mushrooms – yes they can eat this type of mushroom. However there isn’t much nutritional value for them so it isn’t really worth feeding this mushroom to guinea pigs.
  • White Mushrooms – it won’t hurt feeding this type of mushroom to guinea pigs but again it isn’t worth it as there isn’t much nutritional value for them.
  • Portabello Mushrooms – yes they can but again not much help for their healthy diet

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mushroom Soup?

No, we don’t recommend you try feeding this food to to your guinea pig as it is high in seasoning and salt and this is bad for their health. A better option would be fresh clean water instead.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mushroom Risotto?

No, again this is bad idea to feed this type of food to your guinea pig as any cooked food is bad for a guinea pig.  As well all the seasoning and toppings are bad for their health.


So there you have it mushrooms overall are not generally a good idea as a food to be feeding to your guinea pig.

The reason being is that there is little to no nutritional value for a guinea pig in this vegetable and also there is the possibly that this food can be poisonous to them.

Therefore overall we would recommend avoid feeding mushrooms to your guinea pig as they aren’t good for their health.