Can Guinea Pigs Eat Newspaper?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Newspaper?

Yes, technically guinea pigs can safely eat newspaper or chew on it but overall it isn’t recommended.

More Detailed Answer

Back in the day newspapers used ink that was toxic and therefore it would have been very bad for anyone or any animal to chew on newspapers but nowadays newspapers are printed with non-toxic ink.

Therefore if your guinea pig wanted to chew on newspaper a bit they should be fine. Normally they don’t swallow it anyways and will spit it out after chewing on it a bit.

Make sure that if your guinea pig does decide to try and eat the newspaper that you take it away as overall there is no nutritional value in newspapers and you guinea pig shouldn’t be eating them.

However if your guinea pig eats a little or just chews on the newpaper they should be fine.

Why Newspaper?

Some people may be asking themselves why newspaper? Why would a guinea pig have it in the first place?

Well the main reason is because its cheap or free when it comes to making a bed for your guinea pig in their cage.

Additionally guinea pigs like to play with it some times and chew, rip and tear it.

Therefore it is natural to want to ask the question can guinea pigs eat newspaper? And as mentioned above the answer is yes, but not much and it isn’t ideal overall.