Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple

A lot of people enjoy eating pineapples because they are sweet and delicious. A lot of people even like to eat them on their pizza. However this is something that either you will hate or love.

However  that is not the question of this blog post. The question is – Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple?

It is important to know what guinea pigs can consume and not as a pet owner because your pets health should be your number one priority.

There are many fruits and vegetables that your guinea pig can eat. Let’s find out if pineapple is a fruit that your piggy can enjoy and eat safely as well.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple?

As far as guinea pigs go maybe a pineapple may seem like an odd choice to feed to a guinea pig. However just because it is odd doesn’t mean it is forbidden.

To quickly answer the question, Yes your guinea pig can eat pineapple.

Having said that not all guinea pigs like to eat pineapple. Just like humans guinea pigs can choose what they like and dislike and this goes with pineapples as well.

To some guinea pigs this fruit can be too much of a “specialty” in that it has a strong taste and smell and comes with high acidity.

One other thing is that pineapple comes with a high amount of sugar which is generally bad for pets including guinea pigs.

Because of this reason of a high sugar content you should never give your guinea pig pineapple on a daily basis as this will cause your cavy to get sick.

How To Introduce Pineapple

If you are wondering how you should introduce pineapple into your guinea pigs diet you can learn more below.

The safest way to do it is by introducing the fruit gradually into their diet. This means by slowly giving them only one small piece of pineapple.

As there is a strong smell and taste it may take a bit of time for your guinea pig to warm up to the though of liking pineapple.

It is very important that you cut the pineapple into small pieces and make sure its peeled before giving it to your piggy.

Reason being is that guinea pigs will not be able to eat through the tough and chewy skin of the pineapple.

Additionally the skin can cause a choking hazard for your piggy.

To be safe just stay away from feeding them to the skin all together.

Can Guinea Pigs Benefit From Eating Pineapple?

As many guinea pig owners may know a guinea pig requires vitamin C in their diet as they do not naturally produce it on their own.

Therefore pineapple seems like a decent option for guinea pigs because of the high content of vitamin C.

However as mentioned above pineapple also contains a lot of sugar and therefore should only sparely be feed to your guinea pig.

What About Pineapple Juice?

People love to drink pineapple juice but can your guinea pig enjoy the juice of a pineapple as well?

Just because you enjoy it doesn’t mean you should be feeding it to your guinea pig as well.

In addition to the high sugar content pineapple juice also has a lot of acidic properties that will upset the stomach of your guinea pig.

As well fruits with a lot of water including watermelon and pineapple can also cause your piggy to have diarrhea.

For this particular reason canned pineapple should be avoided because of all the extra juice which contains too much sugar, water and acidic properties.


Can guinea pigs eat pineapples? Yes, but not too often and they should not drink pineapple juice.

Your guinea pig will benefit from eating pineapples because of the high content of vitamin C but they do not do well with the high amounts of sugar.

Therefore make sure you only sparingly feed pineapples to your guinea pig as they will cause side effects if given too often to them.