Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pizza?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pizza?

Pizza is a delicious Italian food that many people enjoy eating. It consists of various toppings such as meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Before the toppings go on the pizza and its baked in the oven or fire roasted tomato sauce is spread all over the pizza which makes the foundation of the pizza.

Unfortunately for the most part pizza is an unhealthy food because of all the unhealthy toppings.

So can guinea pigs eat pizza at all?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat pizza at all.

There are a number of reasons why they cannot such as:

  • Fat content is too high
  • There is a lot of cheese which is bad for them
  • It is a cooked food and cooked foods are bad for guinea pigs

So therefore as seen from the reasons above pizza is not good for guinea pigs to eat and you should stay clear of feeding this food to them.

A much better option for your piggy is raw veggies, fruit and hay.