Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plums

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plums

Plums are a great fruit for humans as they are high in Vitamin A and C and are sweet.

The downside of this fruit is that it is also high in sugar.

However the question is can guinea pigs eat plums safely or not? To find out the answer lets dive in a bit more into the details of this fruit.

To be clear first the main diet of a guinea pig should be fresh grass hay and also fresh water. This should be the staple of their diet as it is what they require to stay healthy. Other fruits and vegetables given to them are to add variety to their diets.

The best choice of vegetables and fruits for your guinea pigs are ones that are rich in vitamins but also low in sugar.

Nutritional Value of Plums

As mentioned above the main benefits of plums is that they are rich in Vitamin C which can help boost the immune system. Vitamin C is also beneficial as it helps the body absorb iron.

Another plus for guinea pigs is that plums are rich in fiber.

Plums are not toxic to guinea pigs as well. Additionally guinea pigs cannot produce the vitamins naturally that they would get from plums.

The possible Health Issues

Besides the health benefits of eating plums the issues that arise health wise is that plums have a lot of sugar as most fruits do.

Plums also contain some calcium and phosphorus content which isn’t healthy for guinea pigs.

If a guinea pig was to eat too much plums it would cause them to have gastrointestinal tract issues and also cause upset stomach and bloating.  This is because plums are also acidic.

As well plums could also cause diabetes in a guinea pig if eaten too much because of all the sugar that the fruit contains.

Feeding Plums

Before you feed this fruit to your guinea pig you need to make sure to remove the pit and thoroughly clean the fruit.

Make sure to only feed the fruit and raw ones as the dried ones have even more sugar.

It is also very important to remove all twigs, leaves and limbs from the plum as they contain traces of cyanide which are extremely dangerous for guinea pigs.

As for quantity to give to the guinea pig is once or twice a week at max or less is even better.

Plums should only be given as a treat as they contain far too much sugar for their regular diet.

Quick Answer

Plums should only be fed as a treat once or twice a week at most. They should be cleaned and the pit removed. Only give raw and fresh plums. Make sure to remove the twigs, leaves and stems as they are toxic. They are a great source of Vitamin C but contain too much sugar to be a regular meal.