Can Guinea Pigs Eat Runner Beans

To answer this question no, guinea pigs cannot eat runner beans as this vegetable is poisonous to them and would be very harmful to them if part of their diet.

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Guinea pigs love to have snacks and occasional treats. As a guinea pig owner you may be tempted to give them a treat of something that you are also eating. But can guinea pigs eat runner beans?

Are they healthy for your guinea pig or bad for their health?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Runner Beans?

Snacks are great for guinea pigs because it prevents them from being bored all day by having new and exciting foods.

As well as a owner of a guinea pig you will want to pamper and treat your guinea pig to some fun new foods from time to time.

Many people wonder if they should feed your guinea pigs green beans or runner beans. Here is the difference.

Green Beans Differ From Runner Beans

First of all these two means are not the exact same.

A runner bean will look bigger than a string or green bean. In addition to the size there are a few other small difference.

A string bean is part of the annual plant while a runner bean is a product of the perennial type of plant.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Runner Beans & Are They Safe?

No, they are more poisonous to your guinea pig compared to green beans.

There for as per some specialists it is better to keep the runner beans away from your guinea pigs diet.

However the leaves of the runner beans are a suitable option for your guinea pigs diet. Additionally there is not restrictions about the amount of leaves of the runner beans you can give to your guinea pig.

Many people ask their vets if its better to serve cooked or raw runner beans to their guinea pig but the answer is neither is safe for your guinea pig. Even if the runner beans are cooked you should not feed it to your guinea pig.

It is important to note that the shell covering the runner beans is also poisonous to your guinea pig. Therefore the bean and the covering is poisonous.

These two parts of the runner bean should not be confused with the leaves which are not toxic to your guinea pig.

However if you are unsure of what part to feed your guinea pig it is best to avoid feed anything of a runner bean to your guinea pig.


Can guinea pigs eat runner beans? No.

It is poisonous to give this vegetable to them so do not make it a part of their diet.