Can Hamsters Eat Almonds

Hamsters are cute little animals that people love to have as pets. As a pet owner it is important to know what is safe to feed to them. In order to give your hamster a well rounded diet it should include such things as fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts.

You should also be aware that some foods can be harmful to your hamster. Therefore in order to avoid potential health risks lets answer the question Can Hamsters Eat Almonds?

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds

There are a variety of foods that your hamster can enjoy eating safely.

On the other hand there are some foods that your hamster will have difficulty digesting and could cause some negative side effects for your little furry friend.

Let’s first look at little bit more at almonds to find out their nutritional value and then find out if they are safe to be feeding to your hamster.

Information About Almonds

Almonds come from North Africa, Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. They come from almond trees and are edible cultivated seeds.

You can eat almonds raw or toasted and they are also a staple ingredient in my dishes and desserts.

Almonds are also rich in nutrients and are normally a very healthy snack.

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds?

The good news is that you can feed almonds to your hamster as long as they are the sweet variety of almonds.

The bitter almonds on the other hand can be toxic to your hamster and therefore its important to avoid giving them to your hamster.

The sweet almonds are perfectly safe to feed to your hamster though.

In bitter almonds is the compound cyanide can be found which can easily kill your hamster.

Even just one bite of the toxic bitter almonds can kill your pet so be careful. If you are unsure what type of almond it is you should avoid giving almonds to your hamster all together.

If you still want to you should be purchasing the organic sweet almonds without shells.

It is possible that the non-organic option of almonds can contain toxic compounds that can harm or kill your hamster.

If the almond isn’t a perfect almond shape you should not feed them to your hamster as this usually means they are bitter ones and they could kill your hamster.

Therefore its important to make sure you inspect every almond before you give it to your hamster.

Also before you feed almonds to your hamster it is recommended that you soak them in hot water for at least 15 minutes before feeding them to your pet.

This will make the almond softer and you can remove the skins which will reduce irritation on your hamster’s stomach.

How Much Can A Hamster Eat?

If you plan to feed sweet almonds to your hamster then half an almond a day is more than enough for a small hamster.

If you have a large or medium sized hamster then one whole almond a day but not more than one a day.

Keep in mind that almonds can cause digestive issues for your hamster and are high in fat.

Therefore giving your hamster a large amount will cause health issues for your hamster.


Can hamsters eat almonds? Yes, but only the sweet kind and only very little a day (half to one whole almond).

You should soak them before in hot water for 15 minutes and remove the skin.

Additionally you should inspect every almond beforehand to make sure it isn’t a bitter almond as it can poison and kill your hamster with one bite.