Can Hamsters Eat Bird Seed?

Can Hamsters Eat Bird Seed?

Bird food eaten by birds usually consists of nuts, a variety of seeds, dried larvae and dried nuts.

Bird seed is most importantly used to feed domesticated poultry.

However bird seed is also used to feed pet birds using bird feeders usually. Often in developing countries people will also actually make bird food from scratch to feed to their pet birds.

Bird food can be bough commercially or can be found in nature as well.

Depending on the type of bird being feed different types of bird seed would be selected.

One issue of bird seed though is that is has the potential to attract rodents.

So can hamsters eat bird seed?

No, you should not feed bird seed to a hamster as it is not ideal for their diet to stay healthy.

If a hamster were to nibble on a little bird seed they should be fine but you should stick to staple healthy foods for hamsters.