Can Hamsters Eat Cookies

Can Hamsters Eat Cookies

Cookies are a delicious treat that many people enjoy eating for dessert or as a snack. However the question is can hamsters eat cookies or not safely?

As you can imagine the answer to this question isĀ NO. You cannot feed cookies to your hamster for a few reasons.

The main reason being is that cookies contain too much sugar that would be really bad for a hamsters health. On top of that there is no nutritional value in a cookie for a hamster.

It is best that you provide your pet hamster with foods that are beneficial to their health which include fruits, vegetables and timothy hay. As well as fresh water and pellets designed for their diet.

Do not give unhealthy treats such as cookies to your hamster as it will negatively affect their health and shorten their lifespan.

If you are unsure of what foods you can feed to your hamster check out our section of foods hamsters can eat and also contact your vet or local pet shop employee.

The general rule of thumb is if you are unsure of a new food don’t feed it to your hamster until you get the proper answer.