Can Hamsters Eat Cranberries

Can Hamsters Eat Cranberries

Cranberries as the name entails are a berry fruit which is larger than the leaves of the plant it grows on. When they are fully ripe they become a deep red color but initially start off as white. They have an acidic taste but are also sweet.

So Can I Feed Cranberries To Hamsters?

Well yes and no. That really depends on the type of hamster you have. Some types can have cranberries as a small treat and some types of hamsters cannot eat any cranberries at all.

Syrian’s & Roborovski Hamsters

These types of hamsters can eat a very small amount of cranberries on a rare occasion as a treat. Nothing more because they are a very sweet fruit. One or two at a time is more than enough.

Winter White’s, Chinese & Russian Campbell Hamsters

They cannot eat cranberries at all because of the amount of sugar this fruit contains.

These types of hamsters are prone to diabetes and therefore they should not eat cranberries at all as it could cause them all sorts of health issues.


Therefore be careful when feeding cranberries to your hamster depending on the type you have. If you are unsure just avoid feeding cranberries to them altogether.