Can Hamsters Eat Gelatin?

Can Hamsters Eat Gelatin?

What is Gelatin?

It is a flavorless, colorless, translucent and brittle food. It is also called gelatine.

It is from various animal by-products and comes from collagen.

Gelatin is often used a a gelling agent for cosmetic manufacturing, photography, food and pharmaceuticals.

It is however best known to be used in cooking.

Some common foods that have gelatin in them include:

  • aspic
  • candy corn
  • gelatin desserts
  • trifles
  • gummy bears, fruit snacks, jelly babies
  • marshmallows

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So Can Hamsters Eat Gelatin?

Yes, but not often and not too much.

Ideally there is very little nutritional value in gelatin and therefore it is not recommended that you feed this food to your hamster.