Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi

Hamsters are wonderful playful little pets. They are curious and don’t need a lot of space to play in or any special conditions for living arrangements. Hamsters only require the basics such as running wheel, a big enough cage for playing and fresh water and food.

Additionally hamsters do not require a lot of time because they are night time creatures that like to be up and playing at night when you are asleep.

Therefore its a great time in the evening to let them out of the cage a bit to do a bit of playing and exploring.

But the question remains what should you feed them and can hamsters eat kiwi?

Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi

How To Feed Hamsters

The good thing about a hamster is that they do not require a complicated diet or any special ingredients in their meals.

The main things a hamster will eat include mixture of seeds and grains.  All things you can find at any regular pet store. In fact granulated grains should almost take up 100% of your hamsters diet.

But since hamsters are omnivores you should try to enrich their diets a bit with a few other foods.

Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi?

A hamster will eat almost everything but as mentioned above the main part of their diet should be grains.

When it comes to other foods for your hamster fresh vegetables and fruits are also a welcome addition.  You just need to make sure you consider them as a treat as to not be given to frequently to your hamster.

The reason you should only give fruits in moderation is because fruits contain a lot of sugar and with their small bodies they can easily be overfed sugars.

Hamsters are prone to diabetes and obesity and therefore you need to pay close attention to their diet.

Therefore the answer to the question: Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi is yes but only in very small portions and not often.

Kiwi has high amounts of sugars and citric compounds and lots of water and therefore you should only give this fruit to your hamster one or two times a week max.

The issue with extremely wet foods is that it can give your pet diarrhea.

The citric content can also give your pet an upset stomach.


Can your hamster eat kiwi? Yes, but only in very small portions and not often.

Feeding too much kiwi to your hamster can cause them to have diarrhea, cause obesity and upset their stomachs.