Can Hamsters Eat Mango

Can Hamsters Eat Mango

To answer this question yes hamsters can eat mango as a treat in small quantities and not too often. Mangoes contain a lot of sugar and therefore aren’t ideal as a staple item in a hamsters diet and should only be given to help train a hamster or as a reward.

Detailed Answer

It’s important to discover sources of vitamins for your pet apart from their regular food and veggies or fruit are a terrific option. If that is the case lets answer the question can hamsters eat mango. This fruit is available throughout the globe and they are valued for their sweetness as well as for their texture. Aside from being eaten raw as a treat or dessert, they’re also an ingredient of chutneys and they can be pickled too as well as used for many other dishes.

Nutritional Value

100 grams of mango fruit has 60kcal so less than an apple along with the vitamin C and folate contained in them are really important. Even when the other nutrients aren’t as important for us since they come in small quantities, they can still influence a pet that’s the size of a hamster.

Of particular importance in mangoes we have the content of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and glucose to worry about and the last one stands out the most. Too much sugar may lead to diabetes and this must be avoided as it will mean a shorter lifespan for your pet.

Serving Mango

A person should have this as an occasional siding for their normal meal and not as an important part of their everyday diet. Some small pieces (up to a tablespoon) once or twice a week should be more than enough and bear in mind that going overboard with it isn’t something you want.

As with everything new introduced into a pet’s diet you want to begin gradually because their stomach may get upset and if you see signs of diarrhea then you should stop feeding them that until they have recovered. You need some fresh fruit, do not give your pet something which you wouldn’t eat.

You should always wash the fruit correctly and cut it into bite sized pieces. Peel the mango and cut it length wise along the border and then cut it into cubes. Also it is important to remove the parts that the hamster will leave. Throw them away instead of leaving them for later since fruit can go bad really quickly and lead to stomach issues that can be easily avoided.

Hamster Species

There are many hamster species and for some foods there are differences between what they can consume but mango is safe for all of them in little quantities.

What changes is exactly how much you should feed them as smaller ones will need less sugar. If you have a Winter white, a Campbell or a Chinese hamster you should decrease the amount to just a teaspoon a week because they’re more prone to diabetes and it’s much better to just quit feeding them things that have too much sugar.

Syrian and Roborovski hamsters can have mango on an occasional basis, just make sure you cut them small enough so that they can hold the fruit with their paws.

Short Answer

Mango is safe as a treat added to their diet in small quantities as it provides them with vitamin C but in addition, it contains a whole lot of sugar and so it should not become a frequent option.