Can Hamsters Eat Mustard

Can Hamsters Eat Mustard

Mustard is a strong and pungent smelling and tasting paste that is made from crushing up the seeds from a particular plants. It is often added to foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers and is loved by many.

It is also often added as a topping on sandwiches and goes well with meats and therefore they are often put together.

So can hamsters eat mustard at all?

No, hamsters cannot eat mustard at all. This topping is just way to hot for them to handle that it would make them sick.

It would definitely give them digestive issues and in the long term cause other health issues.

Therefore never give mustard to your hamster. If your hamster were to have a little bit they should be fine but avoid letting them have it.

Overall it is very unlikely that they will enjoy eating this food anyways so you should be safe knowing they are unlikely to try and sneak a taste when you aren’t looking.