Can Hamsters Eat Oatcakes

Can Hamsters Eat Oatcakes

For those wondering what an oatcake is it is a type of flatbread which would be similar to a cracker or a biscuit. This food is popular in the United Kingdom. There are other versions that are similar to a pancake and prepared with oatmeal as the main ingredient.

Oatcakes can be cooked on the griddle or baked in the oven.  Depending on the region or country you live in there are slight variations of oatcakes as well.

So can hamsters eat oatcakes at all?

Yes, they can as long as there is not additional additives and flavors.

Make sure to only give a nibble to your hamsters as anything more isn’t good for their health. As well there isn’t much nutritional value in oatcakes for hamsters and therefore this food should be a rare treat.