Can Hamsters Eat Oyster Crackers?

Can Hamsters Eat Oyster Crackers?

(disclaimer: the crackers displayed above are not oyster crackers but just an image of various crackers to get the point across)

What oyster crackers actually look like are salted and small crackers which measure roughly 0.59 inches around in diameter.

Oyster crackers do not actually contain oysters in them but are often served with oyster stew. They is also another version that is smaller and hexagonal shape.

They have a similar flavor to saltine crackers.

So can hamsters eat oyster crackers?

No, they are not the best food for hamsters and therefore should be avoided.

The reason being is that they contain way too much salt that a hamster cannot handle them.

If they were to eat too many oyster crackers it would make them sick.