Can Hamsters Eat Pecans

Can Hamsters Eat Pecans

A pecan is a brown nut with a smooth skin that has an edible kernel which is similar to that of a walnut.

So can hamsters eat pecans?

Before we can answer this question we should look more at the nutritional facts to find out more.

The things we need to look for in particular include the fat, sugar, water, acidic, calcium, salt and phosphorus content. This information will determine if its safe for a hamster to eat pecans or not.

Energy 2,889 kJ (690 kcal)
Starch 0.46
Sugars 3.97
Dietary fiber 9.6
Saturated 6.18
Monounsaturated 40.801
Polyunsaturated 21.614
Vitamin A equiv.
lutein zeaxanthin
(0%) 29 μg
17 μg
Vitamin A 56 IU
Thiamine (B1) (57%) 0.66 mg
Riboflavin (B2) (11%) 0.13 mg
Niacin (B3) (8%) 1.167 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) (17%) 0.863 mg
Vitamin B6 (16%) 0.21 mg
Folate (B9) (6%) 22 μg
Vitamin C (1%) 1.1 mg
Vitamin D (0%) 0 μg
Vitamin E (9%) 1.4 mg
Vitamin K (3%) 3.5 μg
Calcium (7%) 70 mg
Iron (19%) 2.53 mg
Magnesium (34%) 121 mg
Manganese (214%) 4.5 mg
Phosphorus (40%) 277 mg
Potassium (9%) 410 mg
Sodium (0%) 0 mg
Zinc (48%) 4.53 mg
Other constituents
Water 3.52

Source: Wikipedia

From the details above you can tell that pecans contain little sugar and water and a lot of fat, acidic and phosphorus content.

What this means is that Roborovski and Syrian hamsters can eat one or two pecans at a time and on rare occasion. Nothing more as too many can cause health issues for these types of hamsters.

On the other hand Russian Campbell dwarf hamsters, Winter White Dwarf and Chinese hamster types cannot eat pecans at all because there is too much sugar and fact content in pecans.

These particular types of hamsters are prone to diabetes and therefore pecans can be very dangerous to their health.

Therefore be very careful what type of pecans you are feeding to your hamster. If you are unsure just avoid pecans all together as they could be bad for their health.