Can Hamsters Eat Pine?

Can Hamsters Eat Pine?

One of the most commercially important trees in the world is the pine tree. Throughout the world is timber and wood pulp is very valuable.

This tree grows in the warm climate in a relatively dense locations. It has acidic decaying needles.

Commercial pine is more durable than spruce and grow in plantations for timber that is denser and more resinous.

Pine wood can be used for a variety of things such as floors, paneling, roofing, window frames, furniture and more. Additionally in some species of pine the resin can be a great source ingredient for turpentine [Wikipedia source].

So Can Hamsters Eat Pine?

Yes a hamster can eat pine as long as it is kiln-dried white variety. They should not eat any other kind.

You may ask why would a hamster would want to or need to eat pine and the answer is that their teeth never stop growing so they need to grind them down.

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