Can Hamsters Eat Popcorn

Can Hamsters Eat Popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack to eat while watching a movie or anytime in general for that matter. It is buttery and salty and is a great snack.

As a owner of a hamster you want to probably share some of the foods you eat with your hamster if they are safe to feed to them. One of those snacks or foods could be popcorn. Let’s find out the answer to the question¬†Can Hamsters Eat Popcorn?

As an owner of a hamster it is important to know what you can and cannot feed to them.

Some foods may be unhealthy to feed to your pet hamster and therefore you should be doing some research as a owner to know what is safe to feed to your pet.

In order to make your hamsters diet a little more exciting it is best to give them a variety of food and not just commercial hamster food all the time.

In this article you will learn a bit more about popcorn and if it is safe to feed to your hamster.

More About Popcorn

As most people know popcorn is corn that has expanded from the kernels because of the heat that is applied to it.

When the kernel is heated up the pressure builds within the kernel and it results in a mini explosion and puffing and expanding of the kernel.

Popcorn can be made in the microwave or on the stove.

Usually you will make popcorn and add butter and salt to the snack for added flavor.

It is a popular snack in movie theaters or even great to eat at home while watching a movie.

Popcorn overall is a great snack as its low in calories unless you add oil, salt and sugar to the mix.

However the question remains is it safe or a good idea to be feeding popcorn to your hamster?

Is It Safe To Feed Popcorn To A Hamster?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to feed plain white popcorn to your hamster as an occasional treat.

Make sure that you never feed popcorn to your hamster though that has added oil, butter or salt on it.

This food should only be a rare snack meaning only once every week or two is more than enough.

Popcorn is not the best snack option for hamsters though as it does not have the necessary nutrients a hamster requires for their diet.

It however won’t harm them if you give it to them as a rare treat.

Make sure there is not extra salt or butter on the popcorn though as it can lead to weight gain for your hamster.

Additionally you should never give your hamster a popcorn kernel as it could lead to choking.

Avoid health risks for your hamster by giving them unsalted,  not buttered and without oil.


Can hamsters eat popcorn? Yes, but only plain and in moderation.

Do not give popcorn to your hamster that has salt on it or butter or extra oils. Make sure never to feed a popcorn kernel to your hamster.

There is no nutritional value added by feeding popcorn to your hamster so make sure only to give it to them once every few weeks at most.