Can Hamsters Eat Tater Tots?

Can Hamsters Eat Tater Tots?

Made from grated potatoes that are deep-fried are Tater tots a popular side dish among children.

They are often known by their small, cylindrical shape and for their crispy texture.

The name “Tater Tots” is a registered trademark of a division of H. J. Heinz Company and if usually used as a generic term that most people know.

When this product first came to the market it was at a lower cost and not many people were buying the product as they perceived it to be cheap and a not good product.

However after the price was raised many North Americans began purchasing the product and it took off as a very popular frozen side dish.

So can hamsters eat tater tots safely at all?

No, a hamster should not eat a tater tot because it has no nutritional value for them and anything deep fried is not good for a hamster.

It is fine if they were to nibble on one a little bit but overall you should avoid feeding this food to your hamster as it isn’t a good option for their diet.