Can Hamsters Eat Twizzlers?

Can Hamsters Eat Twizzlers?

No! You should not try and feed this type of candy or basically any candy for that matter to your hamster as it will make them sick.

More Details

As you can imagine twizzler candy has a lot of sugar in it which can cause a variety of health issues for a hamster and be potential fatal.

Some of the negative side effects that can occur is that it can give your hamster and upset stomach, cause obesity, tooth decay and even death.

This is why is it important to not give this candy to your hamster.

If you are concerned your hamster has accidentally eaten twizzlers it would be best to contact your vet or local pet shop for help. Also you should closely monitor your hamster to make sure they do not show any health symptoms such as lethargy.


You should never try and feed Twizzler candy to your hamster as it will make them sick and potentially cause them to die!