Can Hamsters Eat Worms?

Can Hamsters Eat Worms?

There is a large variety of worms that include:

  • ribbon worms
  • flatworms
  • earthworms (find out here if hamsters can eat them)
  • horsehair worms
  • nematodes
  • annelids
  • peanut worms
  • acorn worms
  • spoon worms
  • and many more

The interesting thing with some of these worms is that they are more closely related to vertebrates (and even humans) than they are to other types of worms.

So can hamsters eat worms at all?

No, they cannot eat worms at all and should be avoided at all costs.

They are not good for their health and therefore shouldn’t be eaten. Worms that are caught in the wild can possibly contain harmful bacteria that would cause health concerns for hamsters.