Can Hedgehogs Eat Eggs

Can Hedgehogs Eat Eggs

You may be surprised to realize that hard-boiled or scrambled eggs are one of the popular and favorite foods of most hedgehogs!

The great thing is that hedgehogs can safely eat these types of eggs.

If you plan on feeding scrambled eggs to your hedgehog you want to make sure that you do not add any seasonings or oils and they are microwaved.

Be careful not to give eggs that are too hot to your hedgehog as you run the chance of them burning their mouth.

One last important thing to consider is ideally giving fresh eggs to your hedgehog as opposed to leftover eggs. Hedgehogs tend to like the taste of fresh eggs instead of older ones as most people do as well.


Yes – hedgehogs can eat hard boiled and scrambled eggs. Remember moderation is important as well as too much will make them sick.