Can Horses Eat Celery

Can Horses Eat Celery

Yes!  You can absolutely feed celery to your horse as a healthy treat. Whether a horse will like to eat this vegetable or not is another story.

Can I Feed  Celery To My Horse?

As mentioned above it is totally fine for a horse to eat celery because it does not contain a lot of sugar and other chemical compounds.

Additionally this vegetable does not contain seeds or pits and doesn’t have any excessive carbohydrate concentrates which are bad for horses.

The best part is that no part of this food poses as a choking hazard, a threat for poisoning or upset stomach and digestive issues.

Do They Like This Vegetable?

The issue now becomes not whether it is safe for a horse to eat or not but whether they enjoy eating this food.

Some horses may enjoy the crunchiness and texture of celery but some may not. It really depends on the individual horse.

The reason some horses may not like it is because it does not have a strong taste and isn’t extremely sweet.

Just because some horses may not like the taste doesn’t mean this food is unsafe for them but it just means they don’t like it much like how humans don’t like some foods.

One way to have them enjoy it a bit more is to include it in other foods to remove some of the bland flavor of the veggie and make it more flavorful.

Preparation Methods

Like most foods that you feed to your horse it is best to thoroughly wash the celery first and make sure it is chopped up into pieces suitable for your horse. Don’t want to have this food be a choking hazard.

Horses are able to eat the leaves if they want as they are edible but they can also be removed.

The other option is to hold a stem in your hand and feed it to your horse that way. Make sure the celery is long enough to avoid the horse from chomping down on your hand or fingers.

Nutritional Benefits

Some of the nutritional benefits a horse will gain from eating celery include:

  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin C
  • Collagen
  • Phosphorus content
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin A
  • Great quantity of water

All of these nutritional benefits can help with skin, ligaments, repairing damaged tissues, etc.


Can horses eat celery – Yes! They can safely eat this vegetable but it is up to them whether they will like it or not.