Can Horses Eat Pears

Can Horses Eat Pears

To answer this question yes, horses can safely eat pears and this is according to both veterinarians and equine nutritionists.  Before feeding pears to your horse though a few things should be taken into consideration such as are they fresh and remember moderation is important to avoid upset stomach issues.

Detailed Answer

As a horse owner you may be wondering to yourself what types of fruits and vegetables are safe for me to be feeding to my horse. In order to find that answer you have went online to do some research to find the best possible answer.

It is important to of course do as much research as possible when it comes to your pet and to ensure that they have the best possible health to live a long and happy life.

A lot of people when feeding their horses think of giving carrots and apples to them but overall this can get boring for the horse and the owner at the same time. It is good to provide a variety in a horses diet to keep things balanced.

The good thing about pears is that at certain times of the season they are reasonably priced and are fresh. And even better is that it is totally safe to feed pears to your horse!

Can Horses Eat Pears Safely?

Yes! As mentioned a few times above it is great thing that pears are safe for horses to eat and they will most likely love them as they are sweet and juicy.

The best type of pears to give to your horse are ones that are very ripe as they will be easier for your horse to digest.  You will also need to make sure that the pears are not rotten or old. This can be done by inspecting the outside of the pear and also cutting it in half to look at the insides.

If you were to feed a rotten pear to your horse they could become colic or also develop an upset stomach so it is best to avoid this situation all together.

Best Way To Prepare Pears For Your Horse?

The best way to prepare pears for your horse is to thoroughly wash them in cold water to make sure any pesticides and anything else on the outside of the fruit is removed. Then you will want to chop the pears into small parts to avoid choking and make sure it isn’t rotten.

The seeds of pears contain a small amount of cyanide and therefore should be removed before giving the pear to your horse. As well the stalks should be remove as well as it is a choking hazard and not nutritionally beneficial to your horse.

If your horse was to ingest seeds on a regard basis it would build up in their system and could potentially cause health damages in the future.

Moderation Is Important

As goes with any food you feed to an animal moderation is key to keeping your pet healthy.

Too much of anything is a bad thing and pears are not exception when it comes to a horses diet. They have a very sensitive digestive system and making quick or sudden changes to their diet can cause health issues.

Moderating the portion sizes you give to your horse can prevent negative side effects for your horses health.

Giving your horse a large quantity of pears can create an in balance in their diet and possibly cause issues.  Pears are known to have a high sugar content and therefore pears should be considered a treat.

A horse should not get more than 2 pounds of pears up to 3 times a week.

Pear Trees

One thing you may need to consider is if there is any pear trees or other fruit trees near your horses pasture. The reason being is that if there is your horse can freely try and eat these fruits on their own which you want to avoid.

Eating fruit directly off the ground can cause a number of health concerns such as ingesting the seeds and stalks and also eating fruit that could be moldy, rotten or be dirty.

As a horse has a sensitive digestive system is it is best to try and move this tree or remove the fruit so that your horse doesn’t get sick and possibly start to get colic, vomit or have other stomach issues.

Nutritional Value Of Pears

The good thing about pears is that they do have some good nutritional values and vitamins such as:

  • Copper
  • Vitamin C and E
  • Riboflavin or Vitamin B2

Some of the benefits of pears is that they have high fiber content that is soluble and therefore can help the lining of the stomach and make it stronger. This can in turn help with:

  • Preventing acid build up in the stomach
  • Increasing absorption of nutrients by slowing down the digestive system
  • Reduce the formation of gastric ulcers by a large margin

Not A Uncommon Treat

You may be surprised to know that pears are actually not an uncommon treat for horses especially in a few European countries where their horses get pears everyday as a treat.

Because they are safe as a treat and have lots of nutritional benefits many horse owners give pears to their horses on a regular basis.


So in conclusion yes it is safe for a horse to eat pears and there are many nutritional benefits. Make sure to wash the pears and cut them beforehand. Also take out the seeds and the stalks.

Make sure the pears are not rotten and make sure that moderation is key when feeding pears to your horse.

Ideally when purchasing pears at the store make sure to get the freshest ones or organic ones to give your horse the best possible quantity of food.