Can Horses Eat Strawberries

Can Horses Eat Strawberries

To answer this question yes, strawberries are safe for horses to eat as long as they are eaten in moderation and only as a treat. There are some nutritional benefits for horses to eat this type of fruit but there is also some drawbacks such as how much sugar they contain so a rare treat is ideal.

Detailed Answer

People with a sweet tooth definitely love to eat strawberries while they are in season and more reasonably priced. In addition to people having a sweet tooth it is also possible for horses to have a sweet tooth as well.

However unfortunately not all things that we eat that contain a lot of sugar are good for us and the same thing goes for horses and their diet. There are some fruits and vegetables that can actually be bad for a horses health and we intend to explain the answer here in more detail.

Nutritional Facts

The good thing about strawberries is that they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.

These elements can help to boost the immune system of a horse and also strawberries are a good source of water which can help hydrate a horse.

To help with a horses development vitamins such as E and K as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium which are present in strawberries help.

Possible Health Concerns

As with every food there are some possible health concerns when it comes to horses and eating strawberries. One of the possible concerns is that eating too much strawberries can cause digestive system issues as well as fill them up to not have room to eat their regular diet.

If your horse was to continue to eat large quantities of strawberries instead of a proper diet they could slowly develop nutrient deficiencies that could have long lasting negative affects on their health and should be avoided.

As many people also maybe thought of the excess intake of sugar as a result of eating too many strawberries can also be cause for concern as it could cause insulin resistance. If you need more information of why too much sugar is bad please speak with your vet and they will give you more information.

Serving Details

When you are preparing and serving strawberries to your horse it is important to keep a few things in mind.  The main thing is to make sure that no chemicals, pesticides or other toxic material is on the strawberries.

To be safer it is important to fully wash the strawberries thoroughly to avoid this issue and you can also always buy organic strawberries from the grocery store but this can become very expensive quickly.

If a strawberry has gone bad or you don’t think it is safe for your horse to eat it is best to throw it away instead of taking of risk of feeding it to your horse.

The rough serving size can be around 6 – 10 strawberries given once or up to twice a week.

To be on the safer and healthier side less would be better as strawberries should only be a treat for your horse and shouldn’t be given often.