Can Rabbits Eat African Daisies?

Rabbits are cute little creatures that can make great pets. One of the responsibilities as a pet owner is to know what you can and cannot feed to your pet.

Can Rabbits Eat African Daisies

You may be wondering if certain types of flowers are safe to be feed to your rabbit.

One of those flowers is African daisies which are also known as dimorphotheca. This is a plant which has seeds that produce fruit.

The flower it grows measures roughly between 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter.

This flower is different in that while it is in the shade or during the night or when there is cloud cover it will close.

The African daisies come in a variety of colors such as white, apricot, orange and yellow.

They are renown for being a garden flower and also known as African Cape Marigold.

So the question is can rabbits eat African daisies?

No they cannot eat this flower at all.

If your rabbit was to consume this flower it would make them sick so it is best to avoid feeding this flower to them at all or have it in your garden where you pet has access to this flower.