Can Rabbits Eat Apples?

Can Rabbits Eat Apples?

Before we get into too much detail the quick and simple answer is YES to the question can rabbits eat apples. However, having said this there are a bunch of things to consider before you start feeding this fruit to your pet rabbit.

More Detailed Answer

There are a few things to consider before you start feeding apples to your rabbit and some of the important things are:

  • small portions
  • no seeds
  • no stems
  • thoroughly wash the apples first
  • small pieces to avoid choking hazards
  • well balanced diet is required for rabbits

As most people understand a rabbits diet needs to consist mostly (80%) of hay and green leafy vegetables (excluding lettuce).

Rabbits cannot eat too much fruit that contains a lot of sugar as it can cause a number of health issues such as tooth problems, weight gain and general digestive issues.

Therefore it is important when trying to feed apples to your rabbit that you only give a small amount as a treat.

Other things to consider is that you have to thoroughly wash the apple before you give it to your rabbit. There can be chemicals or other pesticides on the apple and therefore they need to be removed first as to not make your rabbit sick.

Small pieces are important too in order to avoid choking hazards.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Seeds?

You should never feed the seeds of an apple to your rabbit as it can make them sick and it is best to be avoided at all costs. This includes the core of the apple as well.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Skins?

Yes! Absolutely rabbits can safely eat the skin of an apple. The good thing about the skin of an apple is that it contains most of the vitamins and fibers which make it the most healthy part of the apple.

As mentioned before though it is very important to wash the apple skin ahead of time to get off all the potentially harmful chemicals that could make your rabbit sick.

These chemicals could potentially be fatal to your bunny and therefore have to be all washed off before giving the skin of the apple to your rabbit.

Can Rabbits Eat Green Apples?

Yes! Rabbits can safely eat green apples as well along with other types of apples like red apples.

It is possible however that your rabbit may not like certain types of green apples as they may have a tart or bitter taste that they do not like.

If that is the case it may be best to avoid the particular type of green apple and find one they like to eat.

Green apples to avoid include particularly sour green apples as it can cause your bunny to get an upset stomach and also they most likely won’t like the taste of that type of green apple.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Stems?

No, just like the seeds and the core rabbits should avoid the stems as well of the apple.

It is best to stick with the skin and the apple flesh when it comes to feeding apples to your rabbit.

The issue with the stem of an apple is that it contains cyanogenic glycosides which is poisonous and in larger doses can be fatal to a rabbit.

Therefore it is best to be avoided.


Yes, rabbits can eat apple in small portions. Too much sugar in a rabbits diet is bad for their health and can make them sick.

Make sure to avoid the stem, seeds and core of the apple as it contains poisonous ingredients that could be potentially fatal for a rabbit.

It is important to thoroughly wash the apple before feeding it to your rabbit as it can contain pesticides and other chemicals.

Small chunks are best to avoid choking hazards.

Slowly introduce the food to your bunny as it may upset their stomach at first.

And remember that 80% of their diet still needs to consist of hay and leafy green vegetables (excluding lettuce). It is also important to give the small doses of other fruits for variety.

If you are unsure of any of this make sure to speak with your local pet shop or a vet to get the full details of what is and is not safe for your rabbit to eat.