Can Rabbits Eat Boxwoods?

Can Rabbits Eat Boxwoods?

Boxwoods is a bush that is native to:

  • Madagascar
  • Africa
  • Southern & Eastern Asia
  • Central America
  • Mexico
  • Western & Southern Europe
  • South West
  • Carribean

Most of the species like to grow in subtropical or tropical locations.

They can grow up to 12m tall and are slow growing evergreen shrubs.

Boxwoods can grow small capsules of fruit that measure 0.5 – 1.5 cm and contain several small seeds.

So can rabbits eat boxwoods at all?

No, a rabbit should not try to eat a boxwood at all. Boxwoods can potentially be poisonous to bunnies and harm them if they were to eat it.

Therefore make sure you steer clear of feeding this shrub to your bunny.