Can Rabbits Eat Christmas Trees?

Can Rabbits Eat Christmas Trees?

Christmas trees are usually pine, fir or spruce trees. They are green trees with strong branches to hold up ornaments.

These trees are often put up during the Christmas holidays in peoples houses in order to celebrate and decorate for the season.

However sometimes these trees can be worrisome for pet owners as they are unsure if the tree will be safe around their animal.

So can rabbits eat christmas trees?

Yes, as long as it is an untreated one and there is no ornaments or electrical cables they can chew on as well near the bottom of the tree.

It is especially important to avoid tinsel when decorating the tree as it can easily be choked on by pets including bunnies.

So make sure you do not have a tree with fire retardants on it and make sure there is nothing near the bottom that your rabbit could chew on and harm their health.

The other option is to put a small fence around the tree and avoid the whole situation all together.